Sunday, July 28, 2013

3. "A Walk in the Park" (P3)

Late in the afternoon, an overcast day broke into a light shower. As the rain began to saturate the concrete ground with puddles, Novella drowsily spied out her second story window at the pedestrians running for cover, trying to avoid getting wet. Others, more prepared, could be seen calmly extracting their umbrellas. The pitter-patter of rain and the occasional whooshing and splashing of a car speeding by pushed Novella into a fitful state of thought. Nearly a week had passed since her meeting with Tim, the thief. Indeed, hardly a second would pass without that day on her mind.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

3. "A Walk in the Park" (P2)

If anything, life was good. Fun! Exciting! My dad thought I would never amount to anything. Whenever he was around he would say, “Son, all that intelligence, yet you never try to amount to anything.” Ha, look at me now. No wasting time in school, no wasting time at home being bored. Dodging city dwellers and police, most don’t even know I exist. All the forensics and money in the world, and they couldn’t figure out that I didn’t actually die.