Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Beginning

Actually, it is less of a beginning than a synopsis; and a little promise of things to come. As mentioned in the dramatized version of my biography, I am somewhat into 3d modeling.

I first became interested this kind of art a little after finding Blender for its game engine. The main issue was my complete lack of any creativity. Thankfully, I stumbled upon one of those in development indie games, Infinity: TQFE. At that time, the creator was asking for art content, so I took the opportunity to start making things. Thus, because of this inspiration (the concept art provided), my creations generally centered around hard surfaces objects or more specifically, spaceships. Also, a large portion of that work was low-poly, only with the later material did I start working with the Subdivision modifier.

Besides using this to showcase some of my previous work, I would like to mention a move into the other side of computer modeling, soft surfaces. This comes after a long hiatus from Blender as I have found a new inspiration, though that will be divulged at a latter date. As those of you coming here from the BA forums will know, I have successfully absorbed the basics of organic modeling, controlling edge flow, and I hope to improve. For those who care, that work shall continue to be posted in this thread. If I make anything of particular note it will also be posted at this blog.

So without further adieu, I present some of my better work from the past.

Ya, not the greatest and I definitely need to get into texturing.

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