Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Brief Sojourn

*tick-tock* … *tick-tock*

Matthias had been staring at the clock for several hours. His eyelids were heavy and occasionally his head would droop only to snap back up moments later.

He screwed up his face to see if it might speed up the time. No, that second hand still paused inexorably between every tick. He scrunched his face tighter ... It only seemed to slow down more.

*tick-tock* … *tick-tock*

Of course, to say he was tired would not describe the situation properly, it was not late and he certainly had a good sleep the night before. In reality, if acute boredom was a disease, then he was exhibiting all the symptoms.

Working as a clerk in the small shoe store had its ups and downs, but usually one could say that there was always some activity. A customer might walk in, another would ask about some obscure brand. Today, there had been no one.

*tick-tock* … *tick-tock*

He stated to look back on the peculiarity of the past few days. How could the manager have possibly thought that anyone would come in today. After everything that had happened. Matthias had argued with the man that morning.

“Life has to go on.”

But no one else was working today.

“Someone will need shoes, we need to be there to provide them.”

Fool! The world was different now. Nobody would be shopping today, but it was Matthias tending to the lonely shoes while the old man was off doing whatever it was he did.


Matthias’ head shot up, had he dozed off again? He looked back at the clock, 10 past ordinary business hours. What a waste of precious time.

Freedom! He jumped over the counter and ran out the door as he locked it behind himself. Now he could be with his family ... like everyone else.

Oh life, always getting in the way.

Now that I have free time, lets see if I can recover from that busy semester and start writing again...

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